Welcome To Jose's Barber Shop

Information: If you are new to the area and are seeking a quality barber shop, or if you are in search of an experienced men's hairstylist at a reputable men's hair salon, Jose's Barber Shop will definitely exceed your expectations. We aim to please all of our clients.
Perhaps you're just seeking a quick trim. We give trims and shape-ups, as well as haircuts. Are you in a hurry and need to have this done fast? Would you prefer to be in and out of the barber shop as soon as possible? Here, at Jose's Barber Shop, we know that you're in a hurry and that your time is valuable. We won't waste any time — we work quickly and efficiently.
Could your 13-year-old use a restyling but is annoyed every time you bring it up? If it isn't too agonizing for you, drag him in here and we will take care of him. Even if he insists that he 'likes it', don't worry. We will suggest other options for him. That 'look' isn't helping his image — especially if he plans on going to the prom someday.
We, at Jose's Barber Shop, are known for our friendly, personable service. We cater to the needs of our guests while offering our expert advice as well. Do you have a certain hairstyle in mind but are unsure if your hair type will able to be cut in that way? Just ask us and we will tell you honestly, because a goofy haircut will reflect poorly on your stylist. Pictures and/or photos of the particular hair cut or style wanted will be helpful too. They will give us a better idea of what you're trying to accomplish. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Washington
  • Silver Spring
  • Bethesda
  • Alexandria
  • Arlington